Creighton Model?

Since I’m TTC naturally this month, I’m back to diligently taking my waking temperature and checking my CM.  Also, as mentioned before, I’m trying a new fangled ovulation predictor test.  I was doing some research online about which fertility sign is the most accurate and came across something called the Creighton Model, which is naprotechnology – promoted by the Catholic Church (I guess).  It uses CM only, which is interesting.  Apparently, there is nothing online that tells you how to do it rather you must learn how to do it with an instructor.

I’m curious.

There is a book.  Is it worth buying and reading?

Are the classes worth it?

Have you used this method and gotten pregnant successfully?

3 thoughts on “Creighton Model?

  1. YAY! Something I know about! We have been using Creighton for a little over a year (after 4 years with no success). While I’m not pregnant yet, I checked into Creighton after a friend had no success for years with IUI, injectables, etc, etc. It definitely requires an instructor. It’s a very in-depth way of charting…even if it’s only using CM. We really hemmed and hawed over doing this instead of seeing an RE because it was a big “starting over.” After several months of charting correctly, we were referred to a NaPro Dr. and now we are being referred to a surgical NaPro Dr because there is still something that’s not working properly. We’re uncovering a lot of hormone/ ovulation issues that haven’t been diagnosed before. I can give you more info if you like….it’s a method I think would be more useful by itself, without other ways of charting, which would probably lead to confusion.

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