OvuQuick Test

Dr. Sher recommended that I use OvuQuick ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) instead of any other kind.  Supposedly, OvuQuick predicts ovulation within 24 hours, which is sooner than other OPKs.  It is a little like a science kit with a test, an eye dropper and a cup.  At first, it was a little intimidating to use but after the first time, it’s really nothing.

I’ve been using both my digital 🙂 tests and tbe OvuQuick test.  I want to see if it really does predict it closer to ovulation.  So far, both show negatives.  This will be the last and only month that I do this little experiment. It is quite an expensive experiment.  But we’ll see what happens!  (Though I admit I forgot to use the digital yesterday so I guess my experiment is kind of out the door already).

Fingers crossed…


On another note, I’ve decided along with my acupuncturist to take 81mgs of aspirin a day from O to when my period shows up (hopefully not).  She says that all except for two autoimmune disorders affecting fertility are treated with baby aspirin so why not start taking it.  She says to stop taking it at flow to give my body a break since it can cause bruising, etc. as a side effect.  I’ll try it and see if it helps.  I love going rogue and doing my own thing.  But I’m also careful so if I get nervous about it, I’ll stop.

Monday is the day that I get my blood drawn for the tests that Dr. Sher ordered.  With everything going on, I couldn’t figure out how to get my blood drawn and then sent back to the correct lab – I was told that I needed to sort that part out.  Apparently, there are only two labs in the country who know how to do these tests so I had to figure out on my own how to get my blood drawn and then given back to me.  Some labs won’t do it.  I was offered the chance to use a mobile phlebotomist.  The person will come to my house/workplace and draw the blood and handle shipment.  All for the lovely price of $50.  For the convenience, I took it.  We’ll see how it goes!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

3 thoughts on “OvuQuick Test

  1. I hope the new ovulation thingie works 🙂
    A lot of docs recommend baby aspirin – I’ve tried it, too! I’ve seen a lot of ladies who swear by it and get their BFPs! I hope it works for you!
    Good luck with your testing! Mine was the same way. I got mine done at a lab and then Fed-ex’d it to where it needed to be. That’s cool that you have someone coming out to do it!!

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