Much Better Today

This morning I woke up and feel much better.  Yesterday knocked me off my feet but I’m feeling more positive and optimistic – I’m back to myself.  I’m angry and sad about my struggles trying to get pregnant and stay pregnant and it was made very clear to me yesterday.  Fortunately, MH was supportive and let me get all of my anger, frustrations and sadness out.  I cried a lot.

I’m truly happy for my brother and sister-in-law but I’m sad for myself.  The note that I actually sent in response was very short and nice (I think).  I congratulated them and told them how happy I am for them.  The end.  I hope that one day I can better express my happiness for them.  But I know that I can’t right now.

I’ve also decided that they haven’t taken away from my excitement about moving.  I am still very excited to move to Seattle and nothing is going to get me down about it!  In fact, I’m going to focus on our upcoming move and all of the activities around it.  And, I’m going to focus on our own efforts to get pregnant so that one day soon I can share my own good news.

3 thoughts on “Much Better Today

  1. Trust me…..we all have those days. I’m glad you’re feeling better today. The move is definitely a good thing. I know when I get frustrated by people it helps me to let myself have a day of being angry, and to then to try to move on and focus on what’s within my control. Also when you have even more good news to share (which I hope will be very soon) the excitement over your sister-in-law will have already died down.

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