Happy Labor Day and Our Moving Update

I’m glad that it is a three-day weekend but I’m sad that I haven’t yet labored – hee hee.  I’m so cheesy.

This weekend has been so busy for us and I’m so glad because it takes my mind off of the stress and sadness of my inability to get pregnant and stay pregnant.  We had some fun!  So I mentioned in a previous post that we are moving and I would update you when I have time.  Now I have time but first I’ll tell you about our weekend.

We live in San Francisco – yes, I’m slowly coming out of the closet because I feel comfortable here.  I won’t give away everything about us but I don’t want to hide as much anymore.  We live in San Francisco and my sister’s son lives in Reno.  My sister and I are not close AT ALL – she is bipolar and has many issues that make it very difficult to have a relationship of any kind.  My sister left her son when he was 3 years old with his father, who isn’t the best role model or father – and so I stepped in and from a distance served as a mother role model.  I was 17 when he was born.  My nephew has joined the army and is leaving for Basic Training in November and so MH and I wanted to see him before he leaves.  So we went to Reno on Friday afternoon and hung out with my nephew on Saturday before driving back.  On Friday night, MH and I played Roulette and won a little money, we played a few games on the $0.25 slot machines and tripled the amount of money we put in and placed some sports bets (who will win the Super Bowl and some of college football games).  Then Saturday, we went to some Ribs and BBQ competition, which was super yummy.  We had fun.

(BTW, it pisses me off terribly that my sister who should not have children has three kids.  Urgh!).

Yesterday, we celebrated the birth of one of MH’s friends new baby.  It was fun.  I haven’t yet gotten to a place where I’m sad and bitter about friends’ new babies.  I’m definitely sad about their pregnancies but not their babies – strange, huh?  Their baby is so sweet and it was nice to snuggle a newborn!  Then we went and saw The Guard, a foreign film set in Ireland.  I really enjoyed it!  I’m not sure what we’re up to today yet but I know a lot of it will be dealing with planning for our move.


MH has lived in SF for 11 years and I’ve lived in SF for 4 years.  SF has a very high cost of living and we both grew up in homes with four to five bedrooms and large years for playing.  We want to have that for our family and it is not possible in SF where to have a home with a yard and four/five bedrooms would cost us several million dollars.  So ever since we got engaged we’ve been talking about moving.  Since MH is the primary breadwinner in our family with the corporate job he is the one who needed to look for a job elsewhere.  We narrowed our locations down to two from six and he started sending out resumes in June to companies in Orange County, California and Seattle, Washington.  As you know, MH got an offer letter from a company about a week and a half ago.  He accepted the offer and we are moving to Seattle!!  MH will be joining the risk management team of a major financial institution and starts the last week of September.  We are thrilled!

There is so much to do.  I fly up to Seattle next week (I made sure to book my ticket after I’m supposed to ovulate) to find and sign a lease on an apartment – we’ll buy once we’ve been there for at least 6-9 months.  I think we’re settling on a move date of Sept. 20, which is so close but I’m hoping that we can push it off by a few additional days.  Fingers crossed!!

I’m so excited.  A new beginning for us both.  We can’t have a dog in our current apartment so we’ll be getting a dog sometime in the next few months and I feel like we’re making room for a new member or two (dog plus baby) in our lives!

So, I’m going to have to search for new doctors, new friends, probably another car (we only need one in SF), new everything up in Seattle.  It is a little scary but we can’t wait to explore both Seattle and the areas surrounding it.  I’m super excited too that we’ll be so close to Vancouver, where I ran my first marathon in 2004!  It’s going to be an adventure!


I hope you all are enjoying your long weekend!  Happy Labor Day!

4 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day and Our Moving Update

  1. How exciting! I wish the best of luck to you on your move, and hope you get settled in quickly and love it!!

    And I feel the same way, sad about pregnancies but not about babies. I mean, you have to love babies!

  2. I love babies, but they have to be my friends’ babies. I don’t care for a strangers’ babies. And I also prefer to stay away from pregnant women, unless, of course, they are someone I already know.

    You’ll be going through a lot pretty soon! I also think moving to an apartment is best rather than trying to buy right away in a market you’re not familiar with. I wish you lots of luck in Seattle.

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