A Little Light in the Shadows

Thank you for your sweet public comments and emails to me yesterday.  It is amazing how therapeutic writing is for me.  I wrote yesterday’s post a few weeks ago and came back and revisited it before publishing it on Monday night.  I shed some tears as I wrote but yesterday I didn’t shed any except two or three when MH was tucking me into bed and we did a little reflecting on what might have been.

MH was super sweet all day to me.  He asked me to pick him up from work – which is rare – and he surprised me by taking me to a well-known bar that sits at the top of a hotel in the city where we live.  The views are AMAZING!  We had a couple of cocktails and a cheese plate and then had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants down the street from our apartment.  We decided that instead of being sad about our loss that we would celebrate our life together.  And that is what we did last night.  We celebrated our wonderful life together and we celebrated the excitement of what is to come in the very near future…the offer letter was everything that we expected and a tiny bit more.

I’ll share more of the exciting details when we figure them out but we are probably going to be moving within the next month!

2 thoughts on “A Little Light in the Shadows

  1. OMG I am dying to hear the news!!! I’ve been wondering!
    i’m glad you guys had a nice time. These anniversary due dates are so hard. Hang in there hun. ❤

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