Magic 8 Ball

Most of my research is done using Google.  “He” leads me to things that lead me to other things and sometimes those things are useful.  In this case, it wasn’t Google who helped me but Lisa B.  Because of her, I Googled Dr. Kwak Kim and I came across a thread about women with autoimmune issues dealing with psoriasis and hives when they’re pregnant and then as soon as they miscarry the hives/psoriasis goes away.  Their hives/psoriasis are related to their autoimmune issues.

I frequently complain about having hives and I had them this past cycle too starting about 24 hours after I believe I ovulated and pretty much off and on until my period arrived.  (My acupuncturist is convinced that I’m getting pregnant almost every cycle based on my very high temps and my pulse – which I don’t know if I agree with her).  I’ve always blamed the hives on the various medications that I’m sticking up inside my business or injecting into my belly.  But after my call with Dr. Sher last week the idea that I might have an autoimmune issue has been planted in my brain and after reading this (one!) thread, I wonder if my hives are yet another sign that I might have an autoimmune issue?  I’m definitely more curious than ever about autoimmune issues and I can’t wait until I find a doctor who deals with them in our new city.

Am I crazy to keep pursuing every little idea that I get?  Am I just getting on yet another hamster wheel to spin myself around and around?  Jeez, I wish this were easier.  I wish the Magic 8 Ball would just tell me what my future holds.  LOL.

In other news, we got the official offer letter – we’ll read it together when MH gets home from work tonight.  Fingers crossed that the offer is what we expect!  Fingers crossed that I can announce which city we’re moving to (which I’ll definitely share) and that something really wonderful will happen for us with this change.  I think we deserve it after this weekend of disappointment 🙂

4 thoughts on “Magic 8 Ball

  1. Oh cool, so glad my post helped 🙂 Sometimes I felt I was looking for answers for no good reason. I think its important to check into everything though. I get eczema flair ups – especially cycles I get pregnant. I think there’s something to your flair ups.
    Fingers crossed for good news in that letter!!!

  2. i think doing your own research is good, i wish i would have known a little more while i was going through infertility myself. lots of luck to you 🙂

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