And so ends IUI Cycle #2

I started to spot yesterday afternoon and my period is pretty much here this morning in full force.  After my stark white BFN, like I knew, I waited to fall apart until I saw red.  Literally.  MH had gone to the office for a little bit of cleaning up his office in quiet – he works for a major financial institution and it is common practice to ask employees to leave immediately after they announce their resignation, especially if they are going to a competitor, so he wants to make sure everything is in order before he announces his resignation (Fingers crossed this week!).  Long explanation for MH not being home when I started to spot.   When he got home around 6pm, needless to say, I was super cranky, grabbed the car keys from his hand and stormed out of the house almost immediately to go to the market for food for dinner.  He didn’t quite know what hit him and was probably super confused.  When I got back from the store, I fell apart in the kitchen while we were putting the groceries away. 😦

I was pretty sure early in the cycle that it didn’t work because for the first time in months, we didn’t get much time in for s.ex around the fertile time because of MH’s travel schedule.  I also think I ovulated prior to the IUI and even maybe before the trigger…and then of course, the extremely painful and crazy IUI procedure.

I’m not surprised by this BFN but it doesn’t make the sting any less.  I was trying to stay positive and hopeful but it didn’t work.  I seriously need to stop taking my temps because if I were going just on temps, I would definitely think I was pregnant.  But, I’m wrong!

I pretty much guzzled a glass of wine (or two) while making dinner.  Then, we went and saw Idiot Brother – which was moderately funny but not as funny as I hoped.  Some small comforts.

I guess I need to start researching how to get tested for Hashimoto’s and Natural Killer Cells.  I need to start doing research in general.  I’ve done some quick Google searches but not a lot of anything helpful has turned up.  Sigh!

I’m going to try and enjoy the rest of this weekend and be grateful that Irene on the other Coast has simmered down to a tropical storm and that I’m otherwise healthy.  Hope you all have a nice Sunday!

5 thoughts on “And so ends IUI Cycle #2

  1. So sorry. Of COURSE you’re upset–it hits us all when it hits us, and your feelings/reactions totally make sense. Just know we’re thinking of you, and you will figure all of this out!

  2. You are in a great community (through Mel) to learn a lot from these ladies!! My infertility didn’t get to that point (although, we got to the point where we HAD to talk about considering IUI’s and then I got pregnant) … do research but ask questions from these ladies too – and check out their clouds, cuz I’ve seen some of them have done the research!!

    Good luck and I will pray for peace for you 😦 There were times I got so mad at BFN’s and Miscarriages, I would throw things 😦

    Happy ICLW from # 86 ❤

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