Trying Hard Not to Read Into Things…

I did a quick search of FertilityFriend’s charts.  The search terms were: post-O temperatures similar to mine with IUI and on Progesterone.  Of the results: 37% ovulatory and 62% pregnancy.  It makes my heart skip a beat with excitement.  I’ve done searches similar to this before and never before has a percentage this high of pregnancy charts appeared.

I’m trying hard not to read into it.  I know that even though 62% of these charts resulted in a positive pregnancy test that 37% of them ended up with a negative pregnancy test.

But still…I’ll let my heart skip a beat some more.  I’ll allow my hopes can go up.  I will let myself to imagine how I’ll feel next weekend after I test.

I really do hope and pray that it is a positive.  It would make what I know will be a tough week (my estimated due date is next Tuesday from our loss in December) so much easier.  I’m going to allow myself to hope because hope allows me to be positive and with positivity comes good things.

I could use a good thing or two to happen to me right now!  I’m going to let myself dream…

Just be there to catch me if it doesn’t work out…

7 thoughts on “Trying Hard Not to Read Into Things…

  1. I am really sending you positive vibes and I hope this is it for you! I’m trying to be positive in my own TWW but temps are not indicating anything as great as yours! Good luck and I’m thinking of you.

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