Boy am I Angry

I have been EXTREMELY moody and bitchy and angry the past few days.  It of course all gets dumped on MH.  The poor guy.  Sometimes he just has to say one word and I’m all over him.  It is really strange and I feel terrible.  I’m saying these terrible things and I can’t stop myself.  Granted – he has done or said something to tick me off but I think if I wasn’t so hormonal I would keep my mouth shut and let it slide in one of those “pick your battles” types of moments.  But these days I’m taking on ALL battles – there’s no picking or choosing going on in my part of the world.


Luckily, MH is a sweet guy and once he’s over defending himself and getting irritated right back at me and once I realize that I’m a raging ball of hormones, we’re back to normal.  Sometimes in the blink of an eye.  It’s so odd.  Unfortunately, it has been happening at least once a day.  We’re not combative, argumentative people so for this to start happening lately is a little disconcerting.  But, at least I can know the “cause” – my raging f’ing hormones.

Like some other things that have happened in this IUI cycle, I sure hope that this “pain” is worth it.  I pray and hope that we are rewarded with a positive pregnancy test next Sunday.


On a side note: Welcome to the August ICLWers!  Thanks for stopping by…

4 thoughts on “Boy am I Angry

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It looks like you and I are having the same week. DH and I don’t usually have words. I simply just dissolve into tears and become a blubbering mess.

    I hope all goes well with your IUI cycle. I remember how sensitive those days were. Happy ICLW!

  2. I hear you!! The hormones make me insane! When I was on Clomid I would cry and cry at the smallest thing. When the Dr. said that I wasn’t responding to Clomid I thought all the work they’re doing is re-directed to making me crazy instead of producing eggs! Definitely don’t miss those days.

  3. I’ll be crossing all my fingers hoping for a positive result, and at the same time wishing your hormones stop ruining your marriage. I am glad MH is so understanding.

  4. Oh man, I could have written this post! I feel bad because hubby and I don’t normally fight much at all. The hormones can really wreak havoc in a relationship! I try not to let things go, but it’s hard. Hopefully our hubbies understand 🙂

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