IUI #2 – Update post-procedure debrief – holy cow what a bad experience

OMG!  I had the WORST IUI experience.  I anticipated the exact same experience as my first IUI, which was painless and super quick.  Nope!

The RE who did the procedure wasn’t my normal doctor and she said it was one of the most challenging IUIs that she has ever done.   I cried and it has put my decision in stone about my desire to skip to IVF if this cycle doesn’t work.  But, I’ve decided that after this incredibly painful experience that I deserve to get a BFP in two weeks 🙂

So, here’s how the entire weekend went down.

I was so calm and relaxed up until yesterday morning when I woke up.  The night before, I triggered.  I did it on my own because MH was away.  So simple compared to the first/previous time.  Whew!

However, I woke up yesterday/Saturday morning and my temp had jumped so much that it was indicative of ovulation and I FREAKED out!  I won’t go into detail but I was so worried that I ovulated and that we had missed our chance, etc.  I was ready to cancel the IUI and just do timed intercourse but I called the doctor’s office and they said not to worry because it’s possible that the medications can mess with temperatures, that since I hadn’t gotten a positive OPK that the Ovidrel controlled the ovulation timing, etc.  So, I decided to have faith and trust that the doctors and nurses at my RE’s office are the experts.

This morning, we dropped off MH’s sperm sample.  And, two hours later we were back for the procedure.  I was on the table and everything was seemingly normal until she said that she was having trouble getting the catheter into my uterus.  She asked me to scoot further down on the table and that she was going to use a different type of catheter that might work better.  OMG!  She put it in and it hurt!!!!  Then, she did her thing for a bit and it clearly wasn’t working so she said she needed to call in a nurse for assistance.  She then took a pair of what looked like medical scissors/pliers to me and said that she needed to shift my uterus.  I thought the pain that I felt with the other type of catheter hurt but that was nothing compared to what it felt like when she shifted my uterus.  Holy crap – that hurt!  I was squeezing MH’s hand so hard.  She FINALLY got the catheter in and was able to do the insemination.

Seriously, I have a high tolerance for pain (or at least I thought)…I previously have said that I wanted to have a natural delivery without any medication but after this pain, I’m not so sure!!!!  I’m getting ahead of myself though.  Clearly!

Anyway, back to today: she said that I would most definitely need to have a mock transfer when/if we have to do IVF and that we would need to schedule extra time for the actual transfer because of this experience.

So, all in all, I’m done with IUI.  There’s no way that I’m going to go through that type of pain again without a better chance of it actually working.  Yowsers.  Painful.  It makes me wonder if my last IUI actually wasn’t done properly or if this one wasn’t done properly.  I have no idea but I’m done with IUI.

So, this afternoon, I’ve been quite uncomfortable.  My belly and uterus (or what I think is my uterus) are really sore.  The doctor told me to take it easy today because of the “trauma” that my body went through this morning.  So, MH took me for a picnic outside and now I’m resting on the couch in front of the TV.  Now, onto the TWW!

Has anyone else experienced something like this before?  Am I an abnormal case?

6 thoughts on “IUI #2 – Update post-procedure debrief – holy cow what a bad experience

  1. oh honey that sounds SO sore! IUI’s always hurt me but for different reasons, I have pain with insertion (IUI’s, vaginal ultrasounds) so I usually cry when I have them but I’ve NEVER had my uterus moved. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I have had a couple painful IUIs as well!! Usually it was when my regular doc didn’t do it. I have a tricky cervix, or so they say. It’s tilted a bit. I’m sorry you had a bad experience! It sucks, but will be worth it when we see your BFP in a couple weeks! 🙂 Oh, and my temp has jumped from the meds prior to the IUI, too. Fingers crossed for you!!!

  3. Ok, a doctor shifting your uterus sounds very painful! Sorry you had such a craptastic experience…hopefully it will pay off in 2 weeks! Take it easy.

  4. Ooof, that sounds terrible! So sorry you had to go through this. But, I think we’re cycle buddies so here’s fingers crossed for 2 BFP’s at the end of this tww!!

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