IUI#2 – Update

Great news!  I had my follow-up ultrasound this morning.  I’ve been given the go ahead to trigger tonight.  My uterine lining was about 7.6mm, which will continue to thicken.  And, I had two nice-sized follicles both on the right side: 25 and 27.  The IUI is scheduled for Sunday at 11:15am.

I’m so happy!  This past week, I’ve been doing a lot of relaxation and visualization to get my body ready.  I purchased and downloaded for my iPhone Circle + Bloom’s IVF/IUI mind/body program.  I really like it.  I don’t know if it is helping too well though with visualization because I keep falling asleep.  I do feel much more relaxed though this time around.  Whether I can attribute it to the program or just because I know what to expect this time, who knows.  I’m just a lot happier.

The timing has worked out well too.  MH was flown to another city for an interview and so he isn’t home.  I was worried that everything would happen before he could get back.  I was ready to freeze his sperm but I took the risk and it paid off!  He’ll be home tomorrow night  – just in time for everything on Sunday morning.  This cycle though is the first one where he is not here for some really good timed intercourse…it’s OK.  I’m trying to be relaxed about everything in spite of us not being able to take good advantage of O timing.

I’m pretty sure that I’m ready to skip to IVF if this cycle doesn’t work.  I will know more after we talk to Dr. Sher to make a more informed decision.  I know that MH will be on board with my decision because he says he’ll support me in whatever direction I want to take.  Plus, we are both SO ready to have a baby!  If we do make that choice, it’ll be time to start saving like mad!

I’m excited to get this part of the process started.  I’m hoping that this TWW will be less painful than the last one.

Oh, wish me luck.  Tonight I have to give myself the Ovidrel shot on my own without MH by my side.  Eeeek!

4 thoughts on “IUI#2 – Update

  1. Great news! I’ll be wishing you luck all the way. Sorry you’re on your own for the trigger shot. At least your husband will be there right when he’s needed.

  2. Your lining and follicles sound awesome! Yay!! I think it’s great you’ll be talking to Dr. Sher. Probably in your case, with DOR, it’s best to act quickly. I kinda wish we had skipped ahead to IVF sooner. But I REALLY hope you get pregnant this time! We got pregnant on our 3rd IUI, but I had a chemical pregnancy. GOOD LUCK!

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