My Vision

I am a very practical person.  However, I am a true believer in the power of positive thinking and it has worked for me in the past and so I’m believing that it will work for me in the here and now as well as the future.  In believing in it, I always put my intentions “out there” and so here is my vision for my and MH’s immediate future:

I know that in the next couple of months, MH will receive a job offer from a company that he believes in and with a solid group of nice, fun individuals with whom he will work well.  The job offer will come with compensation ($1xx,000) that is greater than his current salary along with great benefits that include some or all infertility treatments.  They will also offer to move us at their expense.  Once we move, we will find and move into a great two-bedroom place that will serve as a temporary home until we decide which neighborhood is best for us to buy our home.  In the meantime, my co-op on the East Coast will sell before 2011 is over.  It will sell at a price that makes us happy and comfortable so that we have a nice little nest egg for a down payment on our next home.  My PR consulting work will thrive.  I will have enough good clients but not so many that I’m overwhelmed.  I will bring in more than $75,000 in income in 2012 from my consulting work alone.  In my spare time, I will be able to focus my positive energy into ensuring a warm, welcoming and thriving place in my uterus for a healthy embryo to implant and grow into a healthy and happy baby.  I will give birth at 40 weeks to a healthy baby before 2012 is over.

I recognize and realize that the journey to reaching each of these may or may not be achieved on the exact path that I desire but the end goal is all that matters.  MH will get a fantastic job offer with a company and in a city that we love.  My co-op will sell.  My consulting work will continue.  We will have a healthy and happy baby (or two)!

Most of all, I know that MH and I will continue to grow closer as a couple and enjoy each other’s company in spite of any challenge that comes our way.

3 thoughts on “My Vision

  1. Keep up the positivity (I don’t think that’s a word, but its not the first one I’ve made up today!) I think that people forget (or simply don’t know) how powerful words really are. That goes for thoughts and intentions too. I have a problem calling myself an “InF…” because I really don’t like saying the “I” word. Instead I call them my fertility issues. Because I want to constantly reaffirm my FERTILITY even if right now it needs some help. Good luck to you! Keep us posted on the progress!

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