Preparing for the next steps

I know. I know.  This IUI cycle isn’t even half way over.  I can’t help myself.  I’m a planner.  I also am a control freak.  And, one thing that I’ve learned in dealing with a loss and with a diagnosis like DOR is that I have NO CONTROL OVER MY BODY.  It pisses me off.

I take control through information. I seek and find any and all information that might help me in our endeavor to get pregnant and bring home a healthy and happy baby.

In my research and in connecting with Lisa, I’ve decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Sher at the Sher Institute.  I’m in the process of trying to schedule our phone consultation with him.  Fingers crossed that it will be soon.  I’ve already submitted all of our paperwork and requested our medical records and tests be sent over to him.

I also am in a new campaign to convince MH that skipping to IVF if this IUI cycle doesn’t work, is the right thing for us to do.  With DOR, I guess I probably have some really good eggs hidden in my body but there are many fewer of them so time is really working against us.  It is almost as if each cycle that passes by the chances grow smaller.  I could be wrong and I could be panicking but I feel the need to move forward.  Now.  I feel the need to skip the IUI/injectibes cycles and go straight into IVF.  Am I wrong?  Should we try an IUI/injectibles cycle?  Should I get a HSG – would it even matter if we skip to IVF?

So many questions…I hope that I can speak with Dr. Sher soon and I hope that I can get some clarity.

But, in the here and now, I’m just hoping this IUI cycle is smoother than the last and that considering IVF doesn’t have to be on the table at the end of this month.  I start my OPK testing tomorrow morning…

5 thoughts on “Preparing for the next steps

  1. I hear you on the questions….so many what to do situations. My dr says to just keep doing the IUI’s because we’ve gotten pregnant 3 times and just need to wait for a good quality embryo….I don’t think that’s a good enough answer and want to skip to IVF as well.

  2. I still think IUI makes sense, but only after so many times. You’re right in wanting to start getting information on IVF.

    I have PCOS, a different condition, but basically I also have a hard time producing eggs without medication. The spouse’s sperm is supposed to be all right except for small volume, which gets compensated by large sperm cell concentration. Nobody ever told us that the small volume was an issue, but until we tried IUI we were unsuccessful.

    So don’t lose hope on IUI, I do hope MH gets on board with IVF.

  3. This will be our 5th IUI. The dr. said we could try injectibles as well if we wanted…he’s so blase about it it’s almost weird!

    I hope MH gets on board…it’s so much easier when everyone is in agreement 🙂

  4. I’m happy to report that MH is definitely getting on board with skipping to IVF. I’d rather not do IVF but if IUI isn’t working for us especially with DOR than I’d don’t want to waste any more time and MONEY! We have to pay for everything out of pocket right now. 😦

    Thanks for your support!

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