Am I crazy?

I’ve known this all along but lately I’ve come across it quite often: IUI statistically doesn’t improve chances of pregnancy than trying to do it naturally – when there are no male factor issues.  That is our case.  MH has no male factor issues.  He has an excellent count, great motility and morphology, etc.  So, are we wasting our time and money with IUI?

In the last two-three days, I’ve been seriously considering skipping to IVF if this IUI doesn’t work.  There are a few factors that wouldn’t allow this to happen right away: 1) I need to get MH on board and 2) we need to save up some $$$$ right away.  But, I think that if I can get MH on board and we start saving our $$$$ right away, we could do it before the end of the year – while TTC naturally in between.

Am I crazy for wanting to do this?  I don’t know if there are implantation problems that would make IVF moot: how do we figure that out?  This may cost or save us a lot of money.  I say save because my RE is recommending that if this doesn’t work that we try three rounds of IUI with injectibles, which also add up to a lot of money.  Plus, I would HAVE to get a HSG, which is more $$.  So, if we skip to IVF, we could get lucky on the first try.  But, with DOR I think my chances of successful IVF are lowered.  Is that true?

By the way, we pay for pretty much EVERYTHING out-of-pocket.

Am I losing my mind?  Am I crazy for wanting to pull the big guns out ahead of the game?

I’m just so anxious to get pregnant and be a mommy that I want to skip ahead in this part of the game of life.

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