10 Things to Do Before 2012

Endo & Beyond pointed out that Aug. 3 was exactly the half way mark of this year.  She created a list of 1o things she wants to do before 2012 starts.  I love that idea.  Here’s my list:
1. Get pregnant and stay pregnant (for 40 weeks even though that will be after 2011 is over)!
2. Move out of the city where we currently live to one with lower cost of living expenses
3. Sign a couple of more really solid clients who have long-term contracts – I do freelance PR
4. Plan a fun vacation for us my parents at Christmas
5. Sign up for an art, writing or language class
6. Buy a new pair of running shoes and start running outside (again) – I need to get over the fear that it will do something to an embryo
7. Start volunteering again
8. Sell my condo on the East Coast – it is sitting empty 😦
9. Finish writing my children’s book
10. Start going to therapy or join an infertility support group

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