Dealing with infertility means making many sacrifices.  Many of those sacrifices are pretty superficial and those are that I want to talk about today.  I miss so many of the things that I’ve given up while TTC:

Drinking sparkling wine and champagne – oh how I miss thee!  I will have a rare glass but I’m always so nervous

Sushi – sigh

Soft cheese – Brie, Gorgonzola, etc.

Sandwich meats – I used to eat sandwiches a lot but since TTC, I’ve cut back a ton and only eat one every other week or so and only before I ovulate

The week before my miscarriage, I traveled by plane for the holidays and I was maintaining my regular (at the time) exercise program which included running on the treadmill and weight training.  Since our loss, I’ve been very hesitant to run and lift weights.  So, I walk and only do weight lifting after my period shows up.  But, I miss it.  I’m too scared to do it because I’m afraid that it will prevent implantation or something worse.  I know that it is perfectly safe to exercise when pregnant but I’m just too afraid….

All of this in hopes that I’ll get pregnant.  I hope that it pays off and my dreams of being a mommy come true soon!

One thought on “Sacrifices

  1. Oh, how I relate to all of those… plus raw oysters and prosciutto… As for exercise, I do zumba on an off, depending on whether I am on a two week wait or not. I’m even scared of some yoga poses. Whenever I get a negative result (and I’ve had so many of those) I always have a little feast of wine, soft cheeses and other forbidden things.

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