HPT Dilemma

MH’s birthday is on August 1, which is 14dpiui and test day.  I am so torn about testing on his birthday.

It would be so amazing to tell him that we’re pregnant on his birthday but I need to be realistic that it is also very possible that I won’t be pregnant and that I’ll get a BFP on that home pregnancy test.

So, do I test early on Sunday morning with the chance that I’ll get a BFN and be disappointed a day early?  Or do I test on Tuesday, one day after I’m supposed to test, and take the progesterone for one day longer?

How does Progesterone affect HPTs?  Or, maybe they don’t?  Does everyone who has done an IUI test earlier than 14dpiui?

Sigh.  It is a dilemma.  I don’t know what to do.

3 thoughts on “HPT Dilemma

  1. That is a tough one! Maybe you should wait til the day after – it wouldn’t hurt to wait another day. You could test early, but then if it’s TOO early, you might not get the proper result. I’m not a good person to ask though, because I’m kind of a POAS-aholic 🙂

    • Hmm…My LP is usually around 12 days, so testing a day early might be ok unless the progesterone changes everything. I might even be able to tell if my temps start to drop or stay high. Not sure…this is all so new and confusing!

  2. August 1st is my husband’s birthday too! I don’t know about the effect of progesterone on HPTs. I kind of think you should wait, but I also realize that a BFP would be a wonderful birthday present. Maybe you should go with your gut on that day. Like, if your temp is still up (but usually isn’t at that point in your LP) or if it actually rises you should test, otherwwise you should try to wait. Do you guys have any fun plans that night? Something that would help take your mind off it if it was negative? GL either way!!!

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