Signs and Symptoms

Is the lack of symptoms a sign?  In previous TWWs, I have often experienced major pregnancy symptoms: sore boobs, lots of creamy CM, super sleepy, etc.  In my last cycle, I even noted sore and tender breasts starting as early as 3DPO.  This cycle, one that I seem to be counting on heavily for succeeding one moment and then deciding already that it hasn’t, is a dud in the symptoms area.  What does this mean?  Probably nothing.  It’s still too early.

I’ve been tracking my TWW symptoms here.  The only things this time around are some mild cramping, which could be the result of the IUI, some vivid dreams, sleepiness (off and on) and that’s about it!

I’m kind of disappointed because I was told that Progesterone amplifies symptoms.  I was ready for it.  Bring it on!  I even told MH that he had better watch out.  I’m actually a little disappointed.

The most exciting part of this TWW are the crazy dreams.  My favorite is still having a washing machine in the front seat of my car from a few days ago.

Last night’s was in an auditorium and one of my former crazy bosses was there.  She wanted me to order everyone pizza.  First, I was to order pizza with toppings and then plain cheese pizza.  So I did but it wasn’t done to her liking.  So I had to start all over again.  I ordered the pizza and handed out napkins to everyone.  Then, in the same auditorium, I was also seeing friends, who for some reason were seeing me for the first time since we were engaged.  (In real life I’m already married).  They were admiring my engagement ring, which in my dream was really unique.  They were expressing jealousy because of the way it looked (it looked like a flower with a HUGE yellow diamond in the center) when all of a sudden the ring came completely apart and the diamond fell on the floor.  I picked it up immediately and one of the girls wanted to keep it and didn’t understand why I wouldn’t let her.  Then, I woke up!

2 thoughts on “Signs and Symptoms

  1. I can tell you about some crazy creepy dreams!! The other night I dreamt about a bad cop trying to kill us…I kept saying keep the door locked and drive away…somehow we drove away, but then he caught up to us and somehow got us out of the car and was going to kill us…I woke up just before he did….I wonder why dreams are so much more vivid during the 2ww and early pregnancy! I would say it’s a good sign!! Sending you tons of baby dust!!! 🙂

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