The Possibility of Twins

Being on a fertility drug like Letrozole or Clomid brings the risk of multiples.  I’ve been told that the risk of twins is increased by 10%.  With two large follicles, the possibility of me having twins is certainly there.  My preference would be to have a singleton pregnancy especially because I’m a fairly petite woman with a small frame but as long as I have a healthy and safe pregnancy resulting in a healthy babies, I would take twins.

With twins, I would automatically be considered a high risk pregnancy as well as a face a number of other risks, including:

  • Higher risk of premature delivery
  • Babies with a low birth rate
  • Preeclampsia
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Placental abruption

As much as I love the idea of twins because it would be so cute and I wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of trying to get pregnant again, I would much prefer a singleton pregnancy!

For now, I’m just praying for a positive pregnancy test at the end of this TWW!

5 thoughts on “The Possibility of Twins

  1. I know what you mean. Twins would be quite a nice surprise. I always thought it would be wonderful. The risks are kinda scary though. I know I would worry twice as much. 🙂 And there’s already enough to worry about lol

    • OMG, you’re right! Double the worry. Ay ay ay! I’d take it if I have to but given the fact that I have pretty much zero symptoms other than slight cramping I’m not feeling too hopeful but it’s still early in the wait!!

  2. The statistics don’t lie, it’s worse than typical women daydream about but better than what educated people fear. I did have significant complications (pre-eclampsia requiring hospitalization) and my babes were delivered prematurely as a result. The silver lining- most of those children end up fine. Mine struggled and now at a year, you’d never know they were preemies.

    • Sarah, I’m so glad to hear you have two healthy babies after many pregnancy complications! Right now, I’d be happy with just one but if twins are part of my destiny, I’ll take them! 🙂 Enjoy those little ones!

      • Good luck with this cycle! I agree w/Sarah, I am an educated person and I did my research before transferring two embryos. I know it’s possible to not have complications, you just have to take care of yourself and be lucky. My OB says that while the risks are higher, the same problems happen to singletons. Also I belong to a twins club and most of the women I’ve met there went to near full term (between 35-38 weeks) and one gal even had 8 lb babies. So, if fate deals you twins don’t worry yourself too much!

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