The Longest TWW So Far…

The two-week wait (TWW) post IUI seems to be the longest of ever.  I can’t believe that it is only 3 days post IUI.  Maybe it is because I’m a newbie here with IUIs and infertility in general.  Maybe it is because I am working only a few hours a week right now and I have a LOT more time to fill during the day.  Whatever it is, this TWW is going to be a long one.

I’m trying to find ways to fill my time and help this TWW fly by.  Here are some ways that I am going to spend my time:

  • Reading – I went to the library yesterday and borrowed books on growing my freelance business, raising a well-trained puppy (we really want a dog when we move and can have a pet in our home), and a new cookbook
  • Cooking – using my new cookbook from the library, I’m going to make some delicious meals for MH and me during the next 2 weeks!  Do you have any good recipes that I should try to make?
  • Walking – after my miscarriage I got super nervous about exercising and so I stopped running and only walk now; I hope to go for a walk every day
  • Reconnecting with friends – infertility and our loss in December has made me more introverted (aka depressed) and I’ve withdrawn a bit; I need to get out there again and reconnect with my friends!
  • Meditating – I want to learn to mediate to deal with my stress; now is a good time to start, right?!
  • Organizing – MH and I hope to move in the next few months; I can start to get our apartment organized and be ahead of the curve
  • Blogging – it is a good time for me to write more and connect with other bloggers both in the IF world and in my non-IF world (yes, I’m in the IF closet and I shouldn’t be but I’m here because I respect MH’s privacy – he doesn’t want me to share openly yet)

How do you make the TWW pass quickly?!

6 thoughts on “The Longest TWW So Far…

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following your journey as well. For me, waiting to O is much worse than the 2ww… at least I know the 2ww is done in 2 weeks! Waiting to O can be upwards of 30 days for me. Ughhh. I’m sure I’d feel different on an IUI cycle where I’d have some change of pregnancy though. Hope it goes quickly for you!

    • Thanks, Heather. I can only imagine that waiting to O is worse. Not knowing – at least the TWW is just that – two weeks. Enjoy your vacation and the R&R with your husband! I’ll be following your story and hoping for a happy ending (beginning) for you soon!

  2. Visiting from ICLW.

    Sorry your 2ww is excruciatingly long. I know that feeling well. I’ve had 7 post IUI 2ww. I passed the time by reading, watching tv, hanging with friends (who knew about the 2ww and were able to be supportive), and spending time with DH.

    I look forward to following you journey.

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