The Financial Cost of IUI #1

One of our bigger concerns and questions was around the financial cost of an IUI.  There are many estimates found when using Google but I was never 100% positive of what it would cost in the end.  We also got a cost sheet from our fertility center but it was a little vague because everything was dependent on what steps we needed to complete.  (We live in California where the costs may be slightly higher than other parts of the country).  Also note that we have NO infertility coverage through our insurance 😦

I want to share the steps that we took in our first IUI procedure and how much each step cost:

  1. Initial consult with fertility center (includes 60 minute meeting with doctor, full review of history/blood work previously taken/ultrasound and recommended plan for moving forward): $350
  2. Blood work for me FSH, TSH, E2 [estradiol], Prolactin, [the following are required by CA before IUI or IVF] Rubella, Varicella, ABO/Rh, CBC, Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy): @$500
  3. Blood work for MH HIV 1& 2, HTLV I & II, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis C Antibody, RPR/VDRL (all of which are required by CA each and every time prior to an IUI or IVF) and a semen analysis: Unknown/SA $200
  4. Medications (partially covered by insurance) Letrozole (15 2.5mgs), Ovidrel (250mgc), Prometrium (20 200mgs): $140
  5. Baseline ultrasound on CD3 this is done to make sure that I had no ovarian cysts and it is safe to start the medications: $285
  6. Follow-up ultrasound on CD11 this is done to check the lining and to count mature ovarian follicles and see if I can trigger: $285
  7. Second follow-up ultrasound on CD14 done to recheck my lining and to see if I can go ahead and trigger (most people don’t have to have this second u/s): $285
  8. Sperm wash and IUI: $450

TOTAL cost: @$2, 495 ~ probably more because I don’t have full cost of MH’s tests

My IUI procedure cost slightly higher because my lining was too thin to trigger on CD11 and I had to do a follow-up ultrasound three days later.  It is a lot of money but we’ll spend as much as we are able to without putting ourselves into financial danger to bring home a healthy and happy baby.  We will do what we must to make this dream come true!

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