IUI #1 – Check!

This morning, our first IUI was completed.  It happened so quickly that I wasn’t sure that it was done.

At 9am, I dropped off MH’s “sample” to be washed.  I returned two hours later.  Because my lining had been so thin, my doctor checked it once more.  It wasn’t measured but it was fine.  I verified the sample with both of our names and I lay back on the table.  I literally felt nothing other than the speculum going in.  I was expecting slight pain and/or cramping with the procedure but I felt nothing.  After, I lay on the table for about 8 minutes and then headed home!

Tomorrow night I start progesterone and in 14 days I take a home pregnancy test.

My dream and prayer now is that MH’s super strong and healthy sperm find my two REALLY large follicles that grew as a result of the Letrozole.  I pray for a positive pregnancy test at the end of this two-week wait (TWW).

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