Ovidrel hell…

I’ve NEVER EVER had a reason to inject myself with anything – medication, illicit drugs, etc.  Until about 4 weeks ago (at my fertility center’s injectables class), I had never held a syringe/needle in my hands.  At the class, I was pretty confident about the whole thing.

Then, last night, I had to inject myself with Ovidrel, an ovulation trigger shot.  I should now ovulate around 36 hours from the shot.  When it came time last night to inject myself in the stomach, I was so scared.  I almost couldn’t do it.  I squeezed my belly and got ready to do it.  MH was sitting right next to me, squeezing my arm and giving me lots of support.  I didn’t ask him to do it because I felt like I needed to know how to do it to myself in case we have to do it again and he isn’t around.  So, after three failed attempts of counting down and not actually being able to do it, I finally just stuck the needle in and pushed down.

It wasn’t bad at all.  I barely felt the needle – whew!  In reality, the worst part of it all was the anticipation shortly followed by having to watch myself push the plunger in until all of the medications had gone in.

Did I do the whole process correctly?  Probably not. Did I die of pain or from administering it incorrectly?  I’m still here!  Will it be easier next time?  Absolutely!  But, I hope that there is NOT a next time!

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