One Miracle at a Time

This morning, I woke up early anticipating the ultrasound.  I took another ovulation predictor test and it was still negative but getting darker.

Our appointment went quickly and I was incredibly nervous.  The first time she checked my lining, it was a 6.5, which is not thick enough to do an IUI but she said almost immediately that she wanted to measure again.  This time she got a measurement of 7.1, which is on the cusp.  She also checked my ovaries and there are still two good egg follicles on the left and one much smaller one on the right.

She gave us the go ahead for the IUI!!!  Our first little miracle has happened.

Tonight anytime after 9pm, I will give myself the Ovidrel trigger shot.  On Monday morning, we will drop MH’s “deposit” at the center by 9am and I will return at 11am for the procedure.

I’m incredibly thankful and relieved.  I can’t believe how emotional and anxiety-producing these past few days have been.  I will get through this…I will get through this…Thank you!

I realize though how lucky we are because there are many people in the world with more pain and suffering than MH and me.  I came across this blog today and read the entire thing with tears streaming down my face.

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