Negative OPK…

If I had gotten a positive OPK test this morning, I would have gone in for a follow-up ultrasound but now I will go tomorrow.  I’m actually glad that I’m going tomorrow because then MH will be with me.  I pray, pray, pray that my uterine lining is thick enough to do the IUI.  I also pray, pray, pray that I have not yet ovulated.  I had one cycle where I never got a positive LH surge, so I hope that is not the case this month.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to the u/s armed with questions that I will ask the doctor.  I hope that I’m not missing anything:

  1. What can I take to increase the uterine lining in the next cycle?  Estrogen patch, Viagra, baby aspirin – all treatments for thin lining that I’ve read about online?
  2. Is it possible to try a lower dose of Letrozole before going to injectable meds?
  3. Can I still trigger without the IUI?
  4. Can I still take the progesterone?
  5. What is the minimum uterine lining?  What is ideal?
  6. What are the next steps?

I am nervous and anxious.  MH came home early from work yesterday and we went for a long walk.  I confessed to him that I am feeling more depressed than ever (with the exception of after the miscarriage) in this struggle to get pregnant.  I know that I’ll get over this hurdle like I always do.  I just am holding my breath until I know what will happen at our appointment tomorrow.  I pray, pray, pray that we can move forward with the IUI.

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