Throughout this process, I’ve had fears.  Fears that I have a hard time expressing to anyone except for Mark. It makes me feel alone in this process.  Maybe if you’ve gone through or are currently going through this process, you’ll understand.

  1. I’m afraid that I’ll never be called mommy
  2. I’m afraid that MH (my husband) will leave me to find someone who can give him a child
  3. I’m afraid that I’ll never be pregnant again
  4. I’m afraid that I won’t carry a baby to full-term
  5. I’m afraid that because my eggs are getting older that if I do get pregnant that I’ll have a child with needs that I can’t meet
  6. I’m afraid of having another miscarriage when I do get pregnant again
  7. I’m just afraid

I could go on and on and on but that doesn’t go with my goal of trying to stay positive.  So, I’ll leave my list with the last of just being afraid encompassing all of my fears.

Please share your story

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